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How HVAC Improved My Life

Welcome to my blog. My name is Vernon and this is my HVAC blog. Because I live in England, I never used to think about air conditioning. I mean, who would need air con in such a cold and wet place. However, because I suffer from hayfever, my brother suggested that I installed HVAC. I took his advice and I was really impressed. I could keep the air fresh in my home without needing to open the window and the filter on the air con helped to stop dust particles from getting in my face. I decided to start this blog to encourage others to invest in HVAC.


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How HVAC Improved My Life

5 Tips for Boosting the Efficiency of Your Pub or Restaurant's Chiller

For small business owners, energy costs have increased by approximately 43% over the last year alone, and in spite of government attempts to lower prices, the situation is just likely to get worse for small and medium business owners. For restaurant, pub, and other food and beverage businesses, the costs can be even higher as you're running cookers, fryers, dishwashers and other machinery all day long. Luckily, there are ways to save money.